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Nutrition Therapy in Virginia BeachDr. Cook is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Diplomate in Advanced Nutritional Laboratory Analysis from the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. Working with sophisticated laboratories that perform advanced laboratory analyses of individual biochemistry (based on urine, blood, and/or hair samples), and in consultation with physicians who specialize in nutrition, Dr. Cook is able to provide her clients with detailed reports of their biochemical functioning, recommendations for specific dietary changes to improve health status, and offer targeted nutritional supplementation.

Nutritional treatment plans developed by Dr. Cook involve regular, ongoing consultations as clients make appropriate dietary and nutritional changes. In observance of professional, ethical, and licensing guidelines, clients receiving psychotherapy from Dr. Cook may be asked to sign a form specifically acknowledging:

To provide the most effective and supportive nutritional counseling, Dr. Cook requires her clients to provide an up-do-date medical history. Similarly, nutritional clients may be asked to sign a form releasing certain medical information to Dr. Cook in order to support her assessment. Any and all health information provided to Dr. Cook is held in the strictest confidence and in compliance with privacy laws.

Nutritional Supplements

In the course of analyzing each client’s unique nutritional needs, Dr. Cook may determine that the addition of selected nutritional supplements to the client’s diet is appropriate. Dr. Cook’s decision to recommend nutritional supplements is based on the following conditions:

  1. The need for supplements must be supported by a clinical assessment of the client’s unique nutritional situation.
  2. The use of nutritional supplements must be supported by ongoing guidance, review and consultation with Dr. Cook.
  3. Only those supplements that are ethically manufactured and thoroughly tested will be offered to clients.

All nutritional supplements sold by Dr. Cook are manufactured by reputable companies and have solid research findings that support their efficacy and safety. Some of the companies used by Dr. Cook include:

Clients considering nutritional services from Dr. Cook are encouraged to visit the websites of these companies to learn more about their products.

Clients normally purchase their nutritional supplements directly from Dr. Cook as the laboratories involved do not sell their products directly to the public. In some cases, Dr. Cook may arrange to have supplements drop-shipped to a client or arrange for the client to purchase supplements directly online. In accordance with Dr. Cook’s policy on supplementation, nutritional supplements are never offered or sold without an initial face-to-face consultation.