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Integrative Therapy:
The Convergence of Skill, Science and Soul©

Integrative Therapy on the East CoastHealth and wellness are holistic in nature, meaning that physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are all connected. The foundation of Dr. Cook’s practice reflects this fact. Her unique training and experience qualify her to provide truly holistic treatment and services to her clients.

In addition to advanced degrees in counseling and nutrition, Dr. Cook also has extensive experience helping clients integrate personal spiritual or religious traditions into a treatment plan. While Dr. Cook does not advocate a particular spiritual or religious tradition, she strongly believes that each person has a unique spirituality that plays an important role in individual health and wellness. Dr. Cook spent 15 years as a group leader and instructor for A Course in Miracles and continues her spiritual work and training at the Ridhwan School/Diamond Heart in Boston, Massachusetts.

One unique aspect of Dr. Cook’s practice is her ability to integrate emotional and psychological therapies with tailored nutritional interventions. Observing that “low energy,” depression, and anxiety have important physiological components, she focuses on the strong connections among psychological health, body chemistry and brain function. “I take the concept of holistic health very seriously and have spent my professional career acquiring the skills and training necessary to treat body, mind and soul in an integrated fashion,” says Dr. Cook. For example, Dr. Cook’s approach to “brain health” involves both nutritional interventions as well as “brain entrainment.”

Dr. Cook brings this unique, integrative approach to all of her work, regardless of the individual situation that each client, couple, or family presents. Her extensive training and experience make her uniquely qualified to address the complex relationship between body, mind and spirit.