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Articles by Virginia Beach Therapist, Dr. Candice Cook

Psychotherapy Related Articles

Ever wonder what kinds of things are discussed in a therapists office? The following articles give some idea of the areas explored in the process of finding out how you tick and how to tick better.

Dr. Candice Cook: Taking Care of Your Whole Self by Karen Beardslee Kwasny

Get Out of the Grip by Dr. Candice Cook

Pleasers on Parade by Dr. Candice Cook

The Shadow Knows by Dr. Candice Cook

“Dirty Deals” or “The Spark is Gone” or “My Husband and I Don’t Talk Anymore” or “My Wife Doesn’t Understand Me.” by Dr. Candice Cook

Nutrition Related Articles

Physical health and well being are inseperably linked to emotional health and well being. What do we keep in mind as we follow a holistic approach? The following articles shed light on this link.

For Customized Nutritional Health One Size Doesn't Fit All

What You Need Besides Your Medication