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About Dr. Cook

Dr. Candice Cook Virginia Beach Family TherapistDr. Cook received her Bachelor of Arts in English, Magna Cum Laude, from Geneva College where she graduated Salutatorian of her class. She earned her Master of Arts in Medieval English from the University of Colorado in 1969 with an IVEA Fellowship. Dr. Cook was awarded a Master of Science in Counseling in 1989, her Specialist degree in Clinical Counseling in 1991 and her Doctorate in Clinical Counseling in 1996 from the College of William and Mary. Her doctoral dissertation was entitled “Uses of Visualization in the Treatment of Delinquent Adolescents.” Dr. Cook is also a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Diplomate in Advanced Nutritional Laboratory Analysis.

The foundation of Dr. Cook’s practice is a science-based approach to personal growth and development – Integrative Therapy. Dr. Cook states: “My mission is to bring the best science available into each patient’s treatment plan – this is an ethical responsibility to which I am deeply committed.”

The underlying theoretical framework of her psychotherapy practice is ego psychology. Dr. Cook recognizes the primary importance of the relationship between therapist and client, emphasizing authenticity, unconditional positive regard, and helping her clients to “stay in the present.” Also trained in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, her approach includes such techniques as deep relaxation, focused breath work, visualization, and hypnotherapy to help clients develop more effective life skills.

Dr. Cook’s work has a strong spiritual core derived in part from the writings of Carl Jung and James Hillman. She has found that each client’s spiritual path can play an important role in healing, which Dr. Cook believes is achieved through forgiveness, love, humor, and “letting go.”